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Steve Jobs Gives Rare Interview about Apple’s Use of Location Data


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Jun 18, 2010
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Following on from Apple’s official Q&A statement today on the location data issue, Apple CEO Steve Jobs also spoke to Ina Fried at All Things Digital on the same issue, reiterating some of the main points in that statement and elaborating further.

“We haven’t been tracking anyone,” he told Fried. “The files they found on these phones , as we explained, it turned out were basically files we have built through anonymous, crowdsourced information that we collect from the tens of millions of iPhones out there.”

Fried writes that Jobs declined to be drawn into commenting on other companies such as Google, while once again pointing out that Apple always requires the user to turn on location-based data for each app. He also said that he didn’t think that the tech industry had done enough to inform the public about the complicated subject, adding, “As such, (people) jumped to a lot of wrong conclusions in the last week.”

Finally, Jobs revealed that Apple was looking forward to testifying in front of Congress, after the company’s presence was requested at hearings on the matter.

Source: Apple CEO Steve Jobs Talks About How the iPhone Does and Doesn't use Location Information | Ina Fried | Mobilized | AllThingsD