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Sony’s Music Unlimited Service Coming to iOS Soon


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Jun 18, 2010
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MobileBeat reports that Tim Schaaff, head of Sony Entertainment Network, yesterday announced at CES that Sony will soon be bringing its Music Unlimited streaming music service to iOS devices. Android and PC users already have access to the service, and now iOS users have the chance to join in. According to Schaaff, at some point this quarter Sony will release its free iPhone and iPad Music Unlimited app to the App Store, so that iOS users can have the service on their devices. Mobile Beat says that the app will also provide offline caching for Music Unlimited subscribers, enabling them to save playlists on their devices so that they can listen to music later when they might not be in range of a network connection. This is of course similar to services such as Spotify and Rdio, which have been offering caching on iOS devices for some time. Schaaff and Michael Aragon, also from Sony, said that the Music Unlimited app would be distinguishable from its similar competitors because it would have all the benefits of Sony’s major retail and international presence. They said that Sony would also be aiming its marketing for the app at users who have not until now ventured into the world of cloud music services, rather than at customers who are already using the cloud music services of their competitors.

Schaaf said that Music Unlimited has over 1 million active users, and recently inked a deal with CDBaby, the very excellent indie music site, ensuring that Music Unlimited’s total amount of tracks available globally has now reached 15 million.

Source: Sony is bringing its Music Unlimited streaming service to iOS soon | VentureBeat