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Sonos to Roll out Support for Streaming Apple Music Content to its Wireless Speakers


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Nov 27, 2012
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As it announced last month, Sonos has started rolling out Apple Music support in beta from today. Thus, subscribers of Apple's streaming service will be able to pair their account with Sonos' speaker lineup. Sonos said the following on its website:

"Because it's a preview, we know there are areas we'll need to improve, and we'll continue to do so throughout the beta."

Sonos also offers integration with Spotify, Google Play Music, Rhapsody and Tidal, so Apple Music support was the next logical step for the company. Listeners will be able to stream from the service's New, Radio, For You, and My Music tabs to a Sonos speaker. But prior to that make sure that you first download the latest version of Controller for iOS, Windows, or Mac.

However, since this is a preview, you should know that some functions may be missing in the beta, but at the moment Sonos hasn't specified which these might be.

Source: AppleInsider