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So when will you be standing in line?


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Jun 17, 2010
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Just wondering when you people were going to start lining up at the apple store.. I am probably going to start at 3 in the morning? Anyone think I should go sooner or later? Wondering when you all will start lining up too!
wow that is early but at least you will be first in line probably...

i am getting mine sent by post they said i would get it on the 24th
I know I will be in the back of the line, but I will show up around the time they open if not later in the morning. I have ours reserved for pickup at the Apple store plus a few of my buddies work there, so i'm pretty sure I will get my hands on them on the 24th.
good luck waiting in line ;p it will be fun i guess, take a laptop and take pics and tv cameras probably
good luck waiting in line ;p it will be fun i guess, take a laptop and take pics and tv cameras probably

Tell me about it, I dont want to wait in line but I didn't get to pre-order them and have them shipped, by the time I got through on ATT's site it was July 2nd delivery.
yeah but it also means ull get the phone faster :D if you go early enough, i would go and camp out from 2am or even 1am just to make sure im first in line
Mine is reserved and I will be getting to the store around six.
Why does he want to be the First 3 years in a row? Early adapting is one thing, this is a whole new level.. haha
When your waiting in line, please spread the word about the forum :)
hahah that man is insane, its a phone not a lightsaber ::DDD lol we will get it before him anyway int he uk because of the time difference :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
Simply nuts. I used to wait on long lines for movies in Manhattan
Never Again. I have my IPhone 3 and I did go to the AT&T
store to pre ord two phones, onefor me and my son.
I can wait. I don't won't like it if my delivery date for the 24 th
gets pushed back, but I will live. My son on the other hand
wants it on the 24 th and wants me to hang out with him.
Don't think so. We live in South Florida, hot, humid.
that would be funny if he slept too long and he woke up with 10 people in front of him