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Snapchat Now Lets You Delete Messages Even After Sending


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Jun 18, 2010
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If you’ve always wanted the ability to delete your Snapchat messages after you’ve sent them, well now you can, as MacRumors reports that Snapchat has today launched a new feature called “Clear Chats” that lets you do just that, in both group and individual chat.

The Clear Chats function includes text chats, stickers, audio and voice notes, as well as any photos and videos sent from Memories.

It’s really simple to delete a message using the new function. All you have to do is press and hold on the message, video, etc., and then select the option to “Delete.” You will then see a warning from Snapchat that lets you know that the recipient will be informed that the message was deleted. It’s also worth noting that messages can still be screenshot.

Deleting direct snaps will still not be possible, however, even via Clear Chat, meaning that if you take a picture using the Snapchat camera and then send it directly to someone, you won’t then be able to delete it, although you will be able to delete anything sent via Memories.

Source: Snapchat Introduces Ability to Delete Messages Even After You've Sent Them