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SMS toggle in sbsettings help


Jan 13, 2012
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West Virginia
Hello. I have a 4s that is JB on iOS 5.0.1. I have biteSMS and SBSettings installed. I updated thru Cydia yesterday and, when I did, my SBSettings lost the SMS toggle so anytime I get a text, the biteSMS notification pops up. If I press Processes on SBSettings, a notice that has biteSMS pops up with a minus sign to delete, along with a notice that says FREE UP MEMORY. How do I get the SMS toggle back on? Help! Thank you!
I don't currently have a device with SBSettings installed, but if I remember correctly, there should be a More or Options function when you gesture for the SBSettings drop-down menu just below the toggles. Tap on it, and look for a page that contains a list of all the available toggles, and see if the BiteSMS toggle is toggled on or off. I'll have access to a device in a few hours, so if you can't find the page, I'll have more detailed instructions later
You're right. When I use the More function it takes me to the actual SBSettings app. The Options function has a Set Toggles screen that lets me choose which buttons I want on or off, but SMS isn't there anymore for some reason. The only way I can see SMS is if I use the pull down menu and go to Processes. It's there but the only think I can do is delete it. It won't allow me access to it. Very confusing because I'm not good with JBing. Thank you for your help!
See if BiteSMS has an SBSettings toggle feature, or search it in Cydia. I don't recall it being standalone, but then again, the last time I used SBSettings was back in iOS 6 almost 2 years ago.
I looked and couldn't find a stand alone toggle. Thanks for trying though!