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SMS delivery reports


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Nov 16, 2010
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Jakarta, Indonesia
Hi, I am very happy to have found an iphone4 forum!
I just got my first iphone4 a few days ago.
For the past 12 years or so I always used Nokia phones, but I must admit that I enjoy my new Iphone very much. For most of my initial question I could find for answers and solutions on the web.
But I have problems finding a way to receive SMS delivery reports on my Iphone. My local provider is Telkomsel in Indonesia, and with my Nokias I never had any problems with delivery reports of SMS.
Hello welcome and bout your question i know if your iPhone is Jailbroken in Cydia there is à app called iPhonedelivery. It Will let you See THE date and time for the sms delivery.

This is the code that works for me in the UK.
Thanks for the suggestion. I bought my Iphone as is, not through any provider, it does not need any jailbreaking. I have found the Cydia link and will try it out, although it sounds a little complicated.
I tried all the codes, Jauhari - sent individual SMS to my second cellphone, but I did not get a single delivery report on my Iphone. Yesterday I also tried *n# as code without getting a delivery report. I always put the code at the very beginning of the message.
Yerp, im using iphone 4 now after being loyal to nokia for few years. Iphone is really great but one thing i have a problem with contacting people when messaging. I thought that i've SMS but ppl didnt get my SMS. so im looking for a way to hve this delivery reports but what i found that only jailbreak iphone can use this iphonedelivery app. So if there is any other solution for this issue im glad to know it. I am using DIGI carrier in Malaysia.