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SMS Alerts Vibration and Sound Issue


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Dec 22, 2012
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So I've done my fair share of searching on the web for this problem and I just can't find a decent solution that's worked for me. My issue is that the SMS, and only the SMS, alert tones and vibrations just don't work. I turned the LED flash feature on and that works but it neither vibrates nor plays sound on either silent or loud settings. This only happens for SMS, meaning email notifications work fine and so do calls.

Summing it up: I have a working vibrator motor and functional alerts for everything but SMS and before you ask yes I have checked the settings over and over and they are not switched off. I'm not stupid and I'm ok with editing core files on my phone.

I've jailbroken my phone before so I'm not a noob to all this but I couldn't find a solution to my problem so I joined this forum to hopefully get an answer. I've rejailbroken my phone to try to fix it and that doesn't work. I would really like help but the problem is not very severe.

Hardware: iPhone 4 GSM
Software: iOS 5.1.1

Any other information required? Just ask.

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