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SKYPE questions


Jan 2, 2011
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i was told an ipod can become an iphone trough skype.

i have an account and a credit so i tried calling and chatting between the 2 devices... the ipod can call and text the iphone because the cellphone has a number from provider but not then other way around on the ipod of course... iphone received calls which are blocked and listed in red so i cant call it back - thats where skype comes in!

for what i understood from the website, i can purchase a online number from a country even if mine is not listed i can request from another country for a price which reflect on the price of calls/sms also between 2 countries.

in my case i would like to give my ipod a skype number in order to call it from my iphone whenever i lent my ipod to someone without a cellphone, but my country is not available so im going to ask for a french skype number for being the closest to me.

the problem is that when i try to ask for prices of the number plus the costs of future calls, all i get is the fill-in form as if i was closing the contract! does anyone tried to buy a number from skype and that could tell me how the deal goes down, please?


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