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Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless


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Sep 13, 2016
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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But I did buy these for my IPhone 7 plus. It's Just an FYI to some possible members that shop at Walmart and happen to be looking for a not so bad pair of Bluetooth headphones ( on ear/over ear type). Walmart has them listed on their app for $42.45. It says right on the ad for them in the Walmart app, sold at stores. Not a a bad price for a pair of headphones that were $100 when they came out. Just thought I would post this in case anyone is looking for some Bluetooth headphones for like around the house or even at the gym or other. They do block a lot of noise out, so i would be careful where you put them on at. Using an equalizer app, I was able to get the sound like I wanted it and they work well. Call quality is great too. Again, sorry if I posted this and it's in the incorrect place, or I am not supposed to share on the forum, if so, many apologies, and I'll ha d to go over the rules again. If it's okay then maybe it will help someone save some cash possibly. Don't know if it works at all Walmart stores. The ones here in central FL they are and will honor the ad if you pull it up on your phone or buy it on line and pick it up. Either way they are just $42.45 plus tax if applicable. Again, hope it might help someone.
The build quality is good and the sound can be tailored to your liking with a $2.99 app. They have 50mm drivers and a decent range. Just need an EQ to open them up or plug them into your phone for a much less lossless sound. Anyways. Here is the ad. Good day.

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