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Headphones question


Aug 16, 2011
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Hey Everyone,

I had a post here a while back regarding headphones and I was told that SkullCandy were the ones to go with. I've been to the homepage and there are a number of models for the iPhones and some of them have reviews, most of them don't. Some of them have mics built in, what model should I be looking at? I'm not looking for anything overly fancy, just good, quality sound and solidly built. BTW I will bu using these for exercise, as well as just plain listening. Cheers.

You are probably going to get as many opinions as there are headphones. Anything will work, so it comes down to preference. I cannot abide earbuds so any time I need to use headphones, I use either my Bose or Sennheisers.

Of course, neither of these have a microphone built in, so they won't be any use for taking calls, but who uses an iPhone as a telephone, in any case?
I went for the foldable sennheizers lovely sound very comfortable over ear, no microphone.....

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I've got the aviators with the mic 3 cord (the one with the mic and controls) and there very comfortable. My only complaint is the buttons are a little touchy so I may accidentally stop the music when trying to adjust the volume or when double clicking to skip it may not register and increase the volume or stop. I could easily do without the controls and mic and still love the sound quality.

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Two important points to consider:
1) since you are using them for exercise you want a pair that will stay in. Buds fall out on some folks while simply moving around, depending on the fit. I would get either something with a rubber nub that actually sticks in the ear and/or a pair that has a wrap around feature or over ear hooks.
2) Bear in mind you can talk/make calls and use phone functionality like siri with the apple standard headphones so you may want a pair with a mic & call button for when you are not exercising.

Good luck!