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Bluetooth headphones for iphone 4 recommendations


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Aug 20, 2010
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Hi, peeps. I'm looking for bluetooth headphones for my not yet recieved iphone.

I prefer the headphones you don't put into your ear, but rather over or on.

I was looking at the Nokia BH-905 Headset reviews - CNET Reviews
. I love the idea that it also got a noise-cancellation function. BUT, they will not work fully with iphone 3gs at least, skipping songs won't work. I've also heard rumours that they won't sit tight on the head if you look down to look at the phone in your pocket, or tilt your head when walking down some stairs. You need to keep your head straight to keep them on..??

Can anyone recommend these or similar bt headphones, hopefully with full functionality with the iPhone 4.

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Hi, I would recommend the Nokia BH 505. They are a similar design to the Motorola S9 HD but personally I think a much better. Providing you have the latest firmware installed on your iPhone all the functions will work (volume, skip, play, pause, answer call)

If you're buying from the UK I would suggest [allthingswireless.co.uk] where they are very reasonably priced.