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griffin survivor iphone 4 military spec case


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Jan 11, 2011
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Griffin Survivor for iPhone 4
This review is on the Griffin Survivor for the iPhone 4, Griffin is launching a new line of cases called the Armor line and this case it the maximum protection military spec iPhone 4 model. It is a three piece case with two plastic pieces and on outer silicone shell. First thought of the Survivor were holy crap that is a huge case. The package is very professional and clean, comes with the case and belt clip also a small instruction page for how to install instructions.

Protection is what this case is designed for, The case has a form fitting plastic shell that also has a screen protector built into it, the silicone shell wraps around the plastic pieces to give you ultimate protection. All ports are covered and the port plugs are thick and fit very tight into the holes keeping dust and water out. The screen shield that is built into the case seals the phone in keeping a water resistant seal. The outer silicon shell combined with inner plastic make the case shock and vibration resistant which gives you max protection from drops and fumbles from even higher heights. The bottom line is that the griffin survivor is a maximum protection case and it does well at protecting your iPhone.

Functionality of the Griffin Survivor is top notch with the design, the port covers keep the ports protected although with the max protection design and the thickness you also find that the ports are pretty deep and it will limit the amount of third party accessories that you can use. It will fit in your pocket but being that it is a large case and silicone on the outside it catch when moving in and out of the pocket. The camera function is the biggest downfall to this case, it is kinda hard to pull back flap to take pictures. There aren't many ways to protect the camera and still be able to use it without taking the case off. The buttons are a little but spongy but are still responsive and click every time. The belt clip clips either the front or the back of the case and the clip can actually be snapped out to make a stand to tilt it into the landscape mode. I like that griffin included the belt clip because this case is huge, the belt clip is a little bit loose and it it is tugged on it will come off. Overall the design of the case is to provide maximum military spec protection and i believe that the Griffin Survivor delivers that.

The design of the survivor case is well thought out and executed, the two plastic pieces click together sandwiching you iPhone in tightly then you wrap it with the thick silicone outer piece, the silicone has a unique design to it to add silicone bulk for shock absorbing and also make a fitting area for the belt clip to mount on to the case. The quality of the case is really good, all the port plugs are deep and are tight to keep stuff out as well as the screen protector built in it keeps your phone looking new and protected.

Overall I would recommend this case to anyone that would be doing any kind of snow activities or hiking, beach days and mountain biking this case will keep you well protected. Everyday use is only recommended for those super clumsy people and people who just want max protection all day everyday but I see it more as a activities case. These cases can be found on the Griffin site for $49.99, they currently come in green, black, pink and white.

check out the link below for pictures
Weisjt Tech House: Griffin Survivor for iPhone 4


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