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Siri Now Lets you Make Speakerphone Calls on iOS 8.3


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Nov 27, 2012
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When Apple released iOS 8.0, it allowed iPhone to use the virtual private assistant by simply saying “Hey Siri" if the phone was plugged in. Many are using this command to make a phone call, since you don't have to pick up the device or double-press the Home button.

However, the iPhone wouldn’t automatically route the call to the speakerphone, so users would either have to manually activate the speakerphone or just put the iPhone against their ear as they would normally do. Now, in the upcoming iOS 8.3 update, this function will be finally improved with the much-needed change.

According to 9to5Mac publication, if you will use the “Hey Siri” command in iOS 8.3 to make a phone call on the iPhone, it will now automatically activate the speakerphone if the person on the other end picks up. This is a small, but a really useful update and

Source: 9to5Mac