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[SHARE] How to transfer iPhone contacts to another iPhone on Mac?


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Aug 24, 2012
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For you to backup iPhone contacts&SMS message to Mac. You can use iTunes. But you can't edit it after backup,and you can’t make a password to protect your privacy.You can see the guide on Apple official website:When you feel that you have too much important call list address book to save, and afried of important informations being lost. Then you need a software which can backup your iPhone contacts to Mac. iMacsoft iPhone Contact to Mac Transfer specially designed for iPhone users, can fast transfer all iPhone contacts or selected iPhone contacts from iPhone to Mac as a .txt file and a .csv file at the same time.iMacsoft iPhone Contact to Computer Transfer for Mac can manage your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad like a portable hard disk. Also you will find that Quick Search and Filter tools help you hit what you want as easily as iTunes does.How to copy iPhone contacts to another iPhone on Mac?Download iMacsoft iPhone Contact to Mac Transfer, install and launch it on Mac. Connect your iPhone to Mac, the iPhone to Mac transfer will automatically recognize it and the device info will be shown as the picture below. Please purchase iMacsoft iPhone contacts to Mac Transfer and lots of functions await you.
In this screen, you click "Contacts" icon in the iPhone list, the iPhone contacts info will display as shown in your iPhone screen automatically. You can view the person's Name, Mobile, Phone, E-mail on contact. Before transfer any contact, you need to choose on or more contacts on the display list. And then press "export checked files to local" button and select a target destination to start iPhone contacts to Mac transferring. Several minutes later, all iPhone oontacts are stored on Mac as .TXT file and .CSV files.
Export all your contacts from iPhone to Mac as .CSV file format at the desktop. Run the Addres book application, add import .CSV files to it. Then you can view all the contact lists on the address books screen.
Run the iTunes and connect new iPhone to Mac, you can choose "Info" menu and select "sync address book contacts" option which will show contact lists as below you add to the address book. And then press "Apply" button to sync all contacts you select to iPhone in several seconds.

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Feb 8, 2013
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I agree I back my phone to iTunes via my PC but I back my contacts and calendars as well as reminders and Safari to iCloud. That allows me to edit my contacts from my phone and also from my PC by logging into iCloud on the PC.

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