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Sending music

Nope, not any more. In the past I was able to send music via text and or email, but it seems as though this has been stopprd by the carriers and/or manufactors of all smartphones
i have sent music using the voice recorder ,not sure how long the voice recorder runs but i have done some short music clips .just use voice record ,record using the mic ,then hit save .now go to the recording you just made ,theres a sqaure box with a up facing arrow there ,touch it and it will ask if you want to message or email the recording .
You can send music assuming you have it as an MP3 file. Media synced via iTunes will not display as the individual MP3/MP4/FLV/etc file, but as a scrambled batch of files. Additionally, it's illegal to share music without the express permission of the label company, even if it's from one device to another of your own device without using the same medium of transfer that the media was purchased through.