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SE 2022 Battery Issue


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Jan 9, 2023
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I have a 2022 SE that I purchased when they first came out. It currently says that its capacity is 87%. However “says” that battery health is significantly degraded.
Everything I’ve googled says a phone will not give you this statement until it’s 80% or less. Is there some thing besides capacity which could cause my phone to give this message. I plug my phone in nightly, I’ve always had it set on optimized battery charging, and as far as I know I’ve never done anything that would have it get extremely hot or cold. I still have my first SE which I purchased when they first came out in 2016. It has no Sim card but still gets used daily for a variety of purposes and its battery also has a capacity of 87% and no warning message. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
My iphone 8 + gave the same message at 85%. Took it to Apple to have them replace the battery. I got lucky. Apparently the battery was so degraded it fell apart in such a way that they just gave me a replacement iphone. The point is, for a battery, that IS severely degraded.
Thank you. I’ll contact Apple.
In my case, I was lucky I went to Apple, it was the month they took the Iphone 8+ off their lineup, so the swap was easier for them as well as nice for me. You should not think I was implying that would be the result for you, it won be. But I paid them for replacing the battery. You may decide you want someone else to do that for you. The point is, you need to replace the battery if you want to keep using the device because the level it displays indicates that,
My SE 2020 reported a degraded battery yesterday, exactly after maximum capacity (Battery Health) dropped below 80%. The phone is nearly two years old and I am going to get a battery replacement with AppleCare+. I was actually waiting for this moment, because the battery life had become too short. If I did not have AppleCare+ I think I would have replaced the battery sooner, at 84%.