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Saving media on iPhone in Recovery Mode


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Nov 18, 2011
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For a reason unknown to me, after turning off my iPhone and turning it on again, it wouldn't boot as it should, getting stuck on the dark screen with the Apple logo instead. After a while, it gave a message that I should connect it to iTunes. After connecting it to my computer and turning on iTunes, it informed me that my iPhone is in recovery mode, and I need to restore it to original settings in order for it to t work, essentially meaning it will delete all the media on my iPhone.

Does anyone know a way how can I backup all the media on my phone while in recovery mode, before I restore it to original settings?

I have a iPhone 4, 32 GB, jailbroken with Cydia. I think that the version is 4.2, though I'm not sure. All I can say for sure is that I last updated it on March 2011.

Thanks in advance!


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