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Restoring Deleted Messages


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Nov 6, 2014
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Hi all, new to the forum but really after help!

I desperately need to retrieve some text messages that deleted - I did a search with Spotlight and it shows the first lines of the messages I need to restore but when I go to restore them it just goes back to the message inbox.

As it shows the first line of these messages i'm sure they are "still there" somewhere but have no idea how to retrieve them.

Unfortunately (this is just an example) I backed up my phone on the 1st, received those messages on the 2nd and deleted them on the 4th, so I hadn't done a backup with these messages still accessible in my inbox.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
There's software, such as iPhone-iPad-Recovery, Phone Rescue and a few others that promise to recover deleted messages without backup. Maybe one of these will help with your problem. You'll need to install them on your computer, afaik.