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Replaced battery, iPhone reboots every 3-4 minutes

Brian Bearden

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Dec 20, 2014
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Help, had an iphone 5 with battery issues , I had the battery replaced and now the phone reboot every 3-4 minutes when you are in the " about " or settings icon. I left the flashlight on for a few hour to run the battery down and it topped rebooting but the battery % was stuck on 20 percent, I thought it was fixed even ran the gps for an hour never faltered, so I rebooted, and now it doing it again. Reboots every 3-4 minutes . I have wiped the phone twice did a hard reset and trying to run the battery's out. Only thing I have not done Is a factory resettled with iTunes.

I got a new phone and was going to give this to a teenager friend that his family lost I most everything, but now the phone is acting up. Anyone had issues after replacing a battery?y
Maybe you should try the restore through iTunes to see if it works. If it doesn't, there may be a hardware problem, possibly caused unintentionally during the repair procedure.