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Discussion in 'iPhone Help' started by Joelsapps, Mar 5, 2020.

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    I bought an iPhone 8 to replace my gf's iPhone 7 Plus. I didn't realise that she had a 128GB storage model and I downgraded her to 64GB.

    Anyway, no problem, as she only has 43GB of storage occupied anyway (including system files) . However, the phones won't Quick Start with each other. They detect one another fine, and the process begins with the process bar - but each time it ends with a "Not enough storage to complete transfer" message.

    Anyone else had issues with Quick Start when they have downgraded storage...? I don't understand why it can't do it as I checked the new iPhone 8 and it only had 7GB on it already with Systems + IOS. Shouldn't it be enough room to complete the transfer?

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