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Feb 11, 2012
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Hope this is the right place for publication ..
So recently I got a 3G Wide
I gave it to a friend he breaks it and make Sim Frey
He broke with the normal jb Sidi and more ..
Now I realized it was known that push notification is not working after bursts Wide 3G
So I looked for parts manuals and solutions on this board ..
I have already installed Push doctor and I understood that I Tzreich wait to have more than 0 (who understands will understand) did not act ..
I tried to push fix and I need to purchase paid .. (not interesting at least not now ..)
I tried another program called push notification fix is installed without errors and without problems but still not running the push notfication ..
When I installed the Push doctor and push notification fix
created a problem that when I go to an application is giving me a "Connect to iTunes to activate the Push ..." Of course I was looking for a guide to solve this problem and still not resolved (the only way to solved it was to download the push notification fix frome cydia ..)
Still did not work then the
Push notification
The last thing I did was I found the instructor to do a push-fix manually (I do not know if it's the same one as I mentioned earlier had ..) with i-funbox or winscp shortened that did not work ...
So the question!
There's another way not to pay or format the device?
And another question ... If I take a backup of another iphone 3G (3.1.3) that the push notification works and install it on my iphone 3G have it work? such as replacing files? it will not resolved