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Problem going from Samsung to iPhone


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May 3, 2013
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Photo snafu

I purchased an iPhone 14 last Autumn and after looking at various ways to transfer everything from my ancient android phone (Samsung S8+ ) to the new phone, decided to follow Apple’s recommendation and use their “Move to IOS” app for that job.
The process unfolded at a glacial pace and at times I thought it had stalled completely but I just left it on and stopped watching it.

It finally appeared to “complete” the move. At first things appeared to be OK, numerous “apps” on the iPhone had tiny arrows next to them, indicating that in order to work they needed to be “re-downloaded” to my new iPhone…which didn’t surprise me.

BUT…some time later - when I eventually opened the photos “gallery” app, things were a total mess! There had been around 2300 photos on the Samsung, (dating back almost 5 years)…but when I explored the “gallery” on the iPhone, I found that the photos up to around the middle of 2023 transferred correctly and - most importantly - had the correct date and other information in the XIF data, but…EVERY SINGLE ONE of the remaining 1200 or so photos that were transferred is dated “August 10”, 2023.

Had I noticed this right away I would have wiped everything and tried again…and if that hadn’t worked I would’ve looked into other methods of photo transfer.
BUT…I spent too much time installing new apps (and taking numerous pictures 😎) that this option now seems too onerous to undertake.

Is there ANY way I could “fix” this snafu?
All the photos that transferred without their
proper XIF data are in the correct order but no longer have the correct date.
As I often use my gallery to see where I was on a certain date, this is certainly making things a bit difficult for that!
ANY ideas or help would be greatly appreciated‼️