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Moving Whatsapp from iPhone SE to Samsung S22 back to iPhone SE


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Mar 1, 2022
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Dear community,

I have an iPhone SE and wanted to migrate to Samsung galaxy S22.

Now I want to return to iPhone SE because of issues.

Action taken:
  • iPhone SE & Samsung galaxy S22 directly connected with a “Lightning-to-USB-C” cable (MFI certified) to transfer all data using the Samsung Smart Switch app. Took about 25 minutes, went smoothly without error, at the end it told me I could safely disconnect cable which I did. After this process, I went to Whatsapp's Settings=>Chats=>"Move chats to android" which was also swiftly completed. I then activated Whatsapp on the Samsung galaxy S22.

Current situation:
  • iPhone SE: Whatsapp chats no longer accessible, but still takes up 22GB on this phone. (iCloud is only 5GB and is full, so no backups since a long time) Pictures & videos received on whatsapp are still visible via iPhone photos app.

  • Samsung galaxy S22:
  1. Issue 1: Whatsapp functions properly but photos and videos were not transferred.
  2. Issue 2: Only chat conversations with people for whom a contact name was saved, have been transferred to the new phone. Chats with people for which only a phone number appeared, have not been transferred.

I am not happy with this, I'm now trying to find the easiest way to solve these issues.
I'm perfectly willing to revert to my iPhone to continue using Whatsapp if it means retrieving the missing chats and photos/videos.

What would be the best solution in my situation?

Looking forward to your feedback!

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