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Prepaid sim card to iPhone


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Jul 28, 2011
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Stockholm, Sweden

Was a nice little forum this.
I hope that someone might help me with my problem.

Me and my wife to go to Florida and be there for almost exactly a month.
With us, we will of course also take us atleast one of our iPhone's.

Either 3G or 4. Both are jailbroken and unlocked.

As the Swedish telephone operators are so very expensive for roaming data so we thought we'd just buy American Prepaid sim card when we arrive in Florida. This is to be able to make hotel or other local calls in the U.S. check email and Google Maps.

Surfed around a lot and understood that AT & T and T-Mobile is the biggest mobile operators in the U.S.
AT & T has a so-called GoPhone PrePaid Plan. But I like to chat with them on their live support and they said then that it blocked the use of the iPhone on their prepaid network.

T-mobile I have tried to get hold of but to no avail.

Does anyone know if there is an operator with a prepaid plan and capable iPhone in the U.S.?

Thank god for Google translate! :D