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Podcasts get deleted on iPhone


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Aug 11, 2012
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Sometimes I will download a Podcast via my iPhone instead of my MacBook and whenever I do this they do not sync to my MacBook and they are unable to download on my MacBook in iTunes. Also when I sync the iPhone iTunes deletes the podcasts on my iPhone and I am unabe to get them, unless I download them agan on my iPhone. Also if downloaded on my iPhone I do not know of a way to make sure that podcasts are not auto deleted like what I can do on my iPhone. Does anyone know of a way to resolve these issues? Also is there a way to hit the refresh button like what I can do on my MacBook and have all the podcasts download? It seems if I listen to all the episodes in a podcast they vanish from my iPhone until I sync next. Perhaps iTunes for iOS was not designed for these features and why I should only use it to play Podcasts and not download.


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