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Placing date on the face of a third-party app icon. I need your help!


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Aug 24, 2012
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I prefer the Week Cal app to iPhone's native calendar app, but I dislike that Week Cal's icon does not display the current date or day of the week. I wrote to the developers of the app to ask them if they knew of any jailbreak tweaks that would enable me to change the icon so that it's to my liking. I was grateful to receive this suggestion in response:

1. The app must be located in /Applications (with a JB, you can move it there via a filebrowser)

2. The Info.plist of the app must contain the following section (can also be added by hand using a JB)


3. Reboot and the current date should be added on the icon

I followed the instructions in this way: Using WinSCP, I found the Week Cal app in /private/var/mobile/Applications/DFDAB3B2-D523-4575-88F5-98BB22F72FE7/ This folder included a few other folders (Library, Documents, WeekCal.app, and tmp) and a couple of files. I moved WeekCal.app to the /Applications folder and left everything else where it was. I used plist Editor for Windows to add the <key> and <string> code to the Info.plist file that was in the WeekCal.app folder. I did not change the plist file in any other way.

The result was that my Week Cal app icon was replaced with an icon that looks like a combination of the old calendar icon and Week Cal's. When I press it, the screen goes dark for a second, but the app does not open.

I know that I'm in over my head. I'd never edited a plist file before and have very little experience with modifying files on my phone. If you could help me fix the mess I've created, I would truly appreciate it. I'm attaching an image of my mutant Week Cal icon. If I should attach a copy of the plist too, please let me know.

Thank you.


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