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Phone call, voice sound low?


Jul 11, 2010
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Just got my iPhone 6 yesterday. When I make a call, outgoing ringer is very low, however the incoming ringer sound normal loud. Also, the person I'm calling says voice sound from my phone is low, but I have the volume all the way up. Is there anything in settings I'm missing? thanks
Just to clarify in case you might not know...you should increase the volume while on the call. And did you make sure to take off the factory screen protector? What kind of case did you get, that could be the issue.
Took off the factory screen protector. The case is just a simple clear case and the cutouts are pretty open. I'll give it a few days, but comparing it the old iPhones, outgoing voice and ringer are very weak.
Since you just got the phone, you could always take it in for a Genius Bar appointment to see if there is anything wrong.