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Periscope's Latest Update Adds Sketching and Analytics


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Folks and fans of live streaming applications will be happy to know that Periscope has been updated with a handful of new features. The live streaming social network app has made some under the hood improvements, along with features like doodling and the addition of analytics.

Doodling seems to be the big feature in this new update. Streamers on the Twitter-owned app can now tap and hold while broadcasting to select a Sketch option. The option allows for three primary colors or a dropper tool to pick colors from the actual stream. Other than drawing fun things on one's stream, to tool can be used for practical use, i.e. drawing a circle around the main focus on-screen.

For folks who like to see how many viewers have watch their streams over time, Periscope has added a section were streamers can view charts and statistics for all broadcasts.

Periscope's latest update can be found in the iTunes App Store for free.

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