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Pegatron Boosting Production Capacity to Help With iPhone 6 Plus Demand


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacRumors reports that longtime Apple production partner Pegatron is about to step up its production capacity in a bid to handle the extra business that Apple is keen to throw the company’s way by taking on production of the iPhone 6 Plus.

In the original report from Nikkei, local sources say that Apple wants to relieve Foxconn of some of the burden of producing the iPhone 6 Plus, which it has had been struggling with of late.

And while Pegatron has yet to comment on the rumour, MacRumors notes that the Pegatron’s chief executive, Jason Cheng, stated in a recent earnings conference call that the company has invested more than $200 million in 2014 in capital expenditure to boost production, with a further $300 million for 2015.

Apple has certainly been good to Pegatron in recent years, with the company taking on lead manufacturing duties for the first time with the iPhone 5c, having previously been a supplementary assembler for earlier models.

Source: MacRumors

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