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Pegatron hires more workers, new hint at cheaper iPhone?


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Nov 27, 2012
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We have been hearing a lot of rumors, saying that Apple is secretly working on a cheaper iPhone aimed at developing market, especially China. But some time has passed and no new information surfaced to sediment the theory.

Until now. Reuters has stumbled upon some Apple trusty sources from Japan that claim the low cost iPhone is not out ​​of the cards for the tech giant. Actually, test production of panels is starting as soon as this month, while mass production will kick start in June. One of Apple’s main supplier in China, Pegatron, held a conference this week and during it, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jason Cheng, shared some details with the media. He declined to comment anything concrete about the cheaper iPhone, nevertheless providing some important clues.

The most important is the fact that Pegatron is going to hire a lot of people in the near future. The company is planning to add 40% more workers to its factories across China. This might be a good indicator that the supplier is preparing for something big. Lin also claims that more than 60% of the company’s profits for 2013 will come in the next months, hinting towards the fact that Pegatron has a secure deal of manufacturing products that are sure to become a major success.

Pegatron however is doing quite well as it is. For example, the company reported an increase with over 81% in revenue in Q1 compared to the year before.

Source: Reuters