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Pegatron to Ship iPhone 5 to Apple in September?


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports that a news story on DigiTimes is saying that Pegatron is to start sending iPhone 5 shipments to Apple in September. A previous report stated that Pegatron had been contracted by Apple to supply 15 million iPhone 5s, but this latest news story lowers that figure to 10 million iPhone 5s. According to DigiTimes’ sources, Pegatron has invested in more production equipment and personal in order to compete with Apple’s other main manufacturing partner, and thus Pegatron’s main rival, Foxconn. Products that Pegatron is said to be now involved in producing include the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air. Although it was previously thought that Pegatron had actually ousted Foxconn as Apple’s main manufacturer, DigiTimes says that Foxconn has succeeded in protecting its position within Apple’s supply chain. As there is no mention of when in September Pegatron will be shipping the iPhone 5s to Apple, the report doesn’t give us many clues as to the actual release date of the new phone, with analysts and pundits currently arguing over whether or not it will be September or October.

Source: AppleInsider | Pegatron said to begin iPhone 5 shipments in September - report

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