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PC crashed. Re-doing itunes. How do I get my own songs from phone to library??


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Mar 26, 2011
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Going crazy here. I had my iphone 4 synced to my itunes library on my computer, so I had all of my MP3 files in itunes, and I transferred those files onto my phone. My PC crashed so I'm re-doing itunes and I'm getting confused.

I authorized my new computer so now it recognizes the phone, and then was able to transfer apps/songs purchased through the itunes store into the library on my new computer. Great. But how the hell do I get the 300 songs I have on there that I DIDNT get through itunes. Most of them are from CD's I ripped a long time ago that I no longer have, and other purchased elsewhere online.

All I want to do right now is add some new tracks to the phone before I go on vacation. If I go to Summary and choose "manually update this device", I get a pop up telling me the phone is already synced to another library and if I click OK it's gonna erase it and sync it with THIS one--but this one has no music in it. ??

Do I have to find and re-add all of these files from my computer into the itunes library and then re-sync it? Even though the files are already on my phone? That's where I"m confused. On my Droid, it acted like a hard drive so if I put songs on it, the files then existed there and I could move them wherever. I'm not following how to do that with this set up.