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Over 30% of Apple’s new iPhone Customers in Europe in Last Quarter Switched over from Android


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Nov 27, 2012
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Apple has had two consecutive record quarters when it comes to iPhone sales. Now, fresh data coming from Kantar shows how was this possible. As it turns out, in the first quarter of 2015, in European markets, almost one third of new iPhone sales have originated from former Android users.

The same thing has been confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook during Apple's most recent earnings call, when he said the following:

"We continue to see a higher rate of switchers than we have seen in previous cycles. The current iPhone lineup experienced the highest Android switcher rate in any of the last three launches in the three previous years."

The research firm points out that Android's marketshare of the five major European markets has seen a decline of 3.1 percentage points year-over-year while Apple rose 1.8 points to a 20.3 percent share.

As we already know, China was another strong market for Apple, as its iPhone share rose from 17.9 percent to 26.1 percent. According to Kantar's data, the Chinese market is now generating more iPhone volume than the U.S.

Source: Kantar
This is because of the bigger screens on iPhone, I think it was screen size that made many users buy Android phones.
Now they can have a bigger screen and the best Operating system.
What was the reason for the switch?
Thank you

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