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Notes and Reminders in new iCloud become visible


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Jul 27, 2011
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This week Apple’s official beta iCloud website for developers was updated with Notes and Reminders - the very same that are expected to come with the release of the new iOS 6. This implementation comes as no shock since it was reported two months ago.

Since Apple has officially decided to axe down the MobileMe service, the iCloud storage facility will have to be updated to sustain all the features the old service offered. A major plus represents the fact that the new iCloud will not only back up files and information, but will also be able to add some extra improvements.

For example the Find My Phone icon has been freshened up and a new battery icon has popped up on the interface. With the new Notes and Reminders feature users will be able to create, edit or delete Notes and Reminders within the app and save some of them.
Also in the beta version you might spot the Calendar version. It works exactly like the one you find in the iOS and brings no new functions to the table. The similarities are quite stunning.

Since it was first released the iCloud has managed to attract almost 125 million people worldwide. We’re also pretty sure Apple has a whole host of wonderful things planned for this service in the future.

By Radu

Source: iCloud Beta Previews Web Versions of Notes and Reminders - Mac Rumors

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