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Not receiving text notifications during calls


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Mar 19, 2011
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Hey everyone - new on these forums here - I've searched for a good 15 minutes to see if there were any posts on this but came up short, apologies if I totally missed it.

As the title says, when I'm in a call (I'm on AT&T) I receive mail notifications including sounds, chimes from various apps and push notifications, but not when I get texts. This is very annoying if I've been on a call for a lengthy period of time and hang up to find 3 or 4 texts that I had no idea I received. I use BiteSMS which I love, and for all its customization I haven't found anything about in call text alerts for the life of me. I can't find any native iPhone setting that controls this either.

When I googled it I see that a lot of people are annoyed by notifications in call and are searching how to turn it OFF, which I'd be happy to "reverse engineer" except I can't find any solutions there either!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hope to get answer soon,

I am having almost the same problem with my phone :(