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Newbie looking for advice on 3GS screens replacement/lcd damage


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May 23, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, but am hoping some of you may be able to help me?

About a year ago I bought a 3GS off ebay, and dropped it quite soon after, cracking the screen. It has continued to work absolutely fine, although the crack has got progressively worse, and spidered. Last week I started loosing functionality, and by monday I couldn't work the slider. As I couldn't switch the alarm off (which was annoying!) I let the battery run down and decided to take it to a local repair shop to replace the screen on my next day off (today). Throughout this time the image behind the screen has appeared fine, no lines, discolouration or anything, and it was fine when the phone was last powered up on Monday.

Today the screen got replaced in the shop, and now there is a very distinct dark line running across the screen, suggesting that the LCD has been damaged. The shop are implying that it was damaged before (there was definitely no line on Monday), or that it got damaged in my bag on the way in, but as I've been carrying a phone with a cracked screen for over a year with no lcd damage it seems like really bad luck for it to get damaged just as I took it in to be repaired!

So my very long winded question is, does anyone out there have any experience of replacing screens, and do you think the LCd is more likely to have been damaged in transport or while the repair was taking place?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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