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Newbie here- Not receiving texts from android


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Feb 26, 2015
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i got my daughter an iphone 5 and activated it (sprint) and created a new apple id. however, when i text her from
my android the text go to her gmail account on the iphone and not the texting app. I googled this and find the reverse- people who had iphones and left apple can no longer receive texts unless they deregister their number with apple. I tried shutting of imessage – but that didn’t work, my texts still go to her email account. I went on apple and deregistered her number for imessaging – no luck there. her number is selected in the settings to receive texts. She gets texts properly from her other iphone friends. Any ideas?? thanks!!!
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Contact Sprint and make sure she has a text-messaging plan. That's necessary when she has to write to and receive from smartphones other than iPhones.
thanks - confirmed she has unlimited text
In Settings - Messages: is "Send as SMS" enabled? Also enable MMS Messaging.
Thanks everyone- i appreciate the quick responses. Send as SMS and MMS are both selected. The phone was activated yesterday at which time carrier settings were updated, but i will certainly try again when my daughter gets home from school. very frustrating! like she doesn't ignore our texts already - now they dump to her email- very convenient for her! :)
Try removing her email from your contact (if you have it setup that way).
Caesars- not sure i understand. do you mean remove her email from my contact on her iphone contacts (which are all gmail contacts)?
What Caesars mean to say, was:
On your Android, remove her email address. Leave her contact with the phone number only.

Do you use the built in texting app on your Android, or a different one when you send SMS to her?
i use regular android texting app- i just deleted her email from my contact and texted her. i really appreciate everyone's help- i'll report back
well- no go on that- i deleted her emails from my contact but my text still ended up in her emial on her iphone. i then deleted the entire thread on my phone and texted her again- same result. my text ends up in her gmail account on her iphone.
If her Gmail address is check marked on her iPhone in Settings - Messages - Send & Receive - You can be reached by iMessage at, try removing it from there.
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Sounds like something in her gmail settings.

But I would double check first what her iphone has in Settings under Messages>Send and Receive. If she doesn't have her gmail address there, try adding it. You can have more than one address or number listed.
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thanks again guys- here gmail is listed under send and receive. maybe i should call apple- i assume they'll charge for support - it is an older phone.