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New York iPad, iPhone thefts rise 40%


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Jul 27, 2011
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While the above video is a bit cheesy, the message is a good one, and seems appropriate to the story.

According to new statistics coming out of the New York Police Department, stealing iPads and iPhones has become the norm for New York criminals. Apparently thefts involving the precious Apple devices have risen 40% compared to last year. The statistics are quite alarming, judging by the fact that overall city crime increased only 4%.

The complete figures provided by NYPD showcase 11,447 burglaries that involved Cupertino branded products. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne commented that stealing Apple gear has become the hot new trend amongst thieves in the Big Apple.
"It seems like everybody who comes in to report these thefts complains that their iPhone just got stolen and they can’t ID the perp because it all happens very fast and they are tuned out," said a NYPD source.

Because the brand new iPhone 5 just got released a few weeks ago, NYPD had to come up with a plan to prevent adding more thefts to their records. So the Department registered all new smartphones sold by 21 stores (6 Apple store, 7 Verizon and 8 AT&T). NYPD has created a database which stores every new unit sold with a serial number attached plus the name and contact information of the owner. Customers are also encouraged to have their phone engraved with the serial numbers so in case of theft the device will be more easily recognized. Owners can also register their device via the “Find My iPhone” app which will certainly make it easier for police officers to track the missing unit.

By Radu

Source: iPhone, iPad thefts jump 40 percent in NYC | Apple - CNET News
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