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New Twitter App Quick Bar Proves to be Very Unpopular


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Jun 18, 2010
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Last Thursday the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad had a major update, with lots of new features, including better viewing of photos, with a camera button in the toolbar; a Follow Your Friends feature; local trends based on your location; the ability to shorten links; a new cleaner and simpler tweet box design; autocomplete for @usernames and hashtags to help you tweet faster; and a new Direct Message conversation view. All well and good, but as Mashable reports today, one of the new features, the Quick Bar (which so far has only made it to iPhone and is not yet on iPad), has proved to be very unpopular indeed with Twitter-using iPhone owners.

The Quick Bar floats at the top of the Twitter timeline showing the top breaking trends one at a time, some of which are “Promoted”. You can move to the next trend by swiping with your finger. It might seem like an innocent little addition to the app, but the Quick Bar has already been given its own abusive hash tag by Twitter users, and the newly updated app is getting slammed in the App Store with negative comments. However, as Mashable points out, Twitter is acting quickly to deal with the problem, going by the following Tweet from Sean Garret at Twitter on Saturday night:

“Twitter submitted an update to Apple yesterday for our iPhone app. It fixes some bugs & makes it so the quickbar doesn’t overlay on Tweets.”

Will this be enough to stop the criticism though, with some people wanting to actually be able to disable the Quick Bar altogether to stop it appearing in their timeline?

Source: Twitter iPhone App's Quick Bar Met With Disdain, Twitter Reacts [POLL] Blog Twitter Blog

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