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New to me iPhone 6+ with a Hotspot question


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Jun 10, 2013
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Sanger, TX
I bought the iPhone 6 last year the day it was released. After 1 month, I had to go back to Android because of hotspot issues and problems surfing while connected. I didn't get rid of the phone, just gave it to my mom. She loves it. I had heard that recent software updates have fixed my problems, so I picked up a used 128GB Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus of Swappa.. I can say after spending the weekend with the 6+, they have almost fixed all my problems. I can now surf and talk at the same time. I can also now connect to my WAP in my house to share the data connection. Both were problems before and wouldn't work. Now the only problem I have is keeping the iPhone connected to the WAP. You see, we live in the country and have no other Internet options available other than satellite, which for a gamer, is not an option. So I use my phone’s hotspot and a WAP in my house connected to the WAN portion of my router. This allows my network to access the Internet and works quite well with Android phones.

The iPhone, however, will bounce on and off while using it as a hotspot connected to my home WAP. While it connects just fine, it'll just drop the hotspot for a second, then pull it back up like nothing happened interrupting my surfing, but more importantly my gaming experience. Using it yesterday, I couldn’t stay connected long enough to finish a game of Call of Duty. In the game, once you lose connection, it kicks you out, even if it’s only for a few seconds. I tried resetting the network settings and this helped for about 20 minutes, then it started the process of dropping the connection again. It only does this with the hotspot and does not affect the phone’s ability to surf. IE: I’m not losing my data connection, just the hotspot connection.

I kept an old LG G2 Android phone as a backup for gaming, but if anyone has heard of this problem, or knows an answer, I’d really like to not have to swap devices when using the hotspot.

Overall, I love the iPhone 6 Plus. I was nervous because of the size, but I have gotten used to it, quickly. I’m coming from a LG G3, so the larger screen size was a must for me. The 6 was a little small at times, and the plus is beautiful. If the hotspot issue continues, I’ll probably just keep using my older G2 as a backup and keep the 6+ as my main carry phone. It’s really a great device.