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New 'Power' App for Apple Watch Users Lets them Check their iPhone Battery Remotely


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Nov 27, 2012
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With the iOS 9 release, Apple allows iPhone users to check their Apple Watch, Beats headphones, or other Bluetooth accessory battery levels directly from the Notification Center. However, there still isn't an official solution to check your iPhone’s battery level from the watch.

Bu there's an app which allows you to monitor your iPhone’s battery level remotely. The app is available for a price of $0.99 on the App Store and its description sounds as follows:

"Have you ever wanted to just check the battery life on your iPhone but felt like walking across the room or perhaps even reaching into your pocket was a hassle? Now you can with Power right on your Apple Watch! With Power you can easily see, in real-time, your iPhone battery life with a single tap or swipe on your Apple Watch.

You are also provided with useful information, including indications of when your iPhone is charging or whether it has been fully charged. We wanted to design a simple yet useful app for both Apple Watch and iPhone that looks native and beautiful on iOS. And we did it, with Power."

If you're an Apple Watch owner and you've always wanted to be able to have such a simple, yet useful app, then go ahead and follow the link from below to download it from iTunes.

Source: iTunes

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