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New Iphonlic born


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Sep 11, 2010
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Hi I'm Pini, and i used to click on the E71 Nokia mobile little tiny damn keys ...
but, time changed and I Just got my new Iphone 4 iOs4.0.2, and i really want to hack it! (actually i have to, i bought it from u.s.a without AT&T contract), so if you dudes already start working on hacking it, i will be more than glad to know about some open source and other usfully references that's will give me a clue where to start.

I just read about the DEV team, producing the jailbreakMe for ver 4.0.1, but as i figure it out, there will not be any new version for breaking the 4.0.2 firmware until Apple will publish there 4.1 opertaion system.

any clue when it gonna be ?

So I will be more than glad to donate and help (developing) our pirates brave warriors, just drop me the spear -->

this is the part where I stand up and says ... "I love you guys" :)
God bless the Hackers

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