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New iphone4s user


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Dec 20, 2011
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Hi all

Finally got my 16g iphone 4s after weeks and weeks of waiting woth 02.

Im totally new to the iphone4s , so any advice would be gratefully received. Ive got acouple of quick Qs?

Q1 - Have I got to purchased a ringtone off itunes? cant I use a song ive loaded into my phone?

Q2 - Anyone recommend ( plus link ) to where best to buy a decent cover for the phone. I could do with a spare charger and one for in my car ? any advice where best to get these from? is ebay safe?

Thank you everyone!!
hi there and welcome!

congrats on getting the iphone 4S and o2 imo are a very good carrier.

to answer your questions,

You can't simply select a song from the device and use it as a mp3, you have to convert a song to the correct format and then you can use it as a ringtone or sms tone - http://www.iphoneforums.net/forum/iphone-4-faq-16/how-make-custom-ringtones-your-iphone-20631/

to get some good cases for your device, Custom skins, wraps and cases for iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices they have some very good cases and wraps for the iphone and other devices.
G'day and welcome to the forum!!!! :)
thank you guys , could i quickly ask , if i want to get a spare charger and one for the car? is ebay to get them from or should i go the genuine brand route ? thank you
ebay is ok, i would trust amazon though more if you buy it online. But depending on the car make if you have a dealership near you then you can go in and buy one, on my brothers bmw they have all sorts of devices to plug in idevices