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Deleting eMail Folders; How? AND antivirus apps for iPhone4


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Jul 3, 2010
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DFW area
I currently use sbcglobal.net (yahoo) as my email provider.

I have two problems...

1) Somehow I got a virus that has been sending emails from my email account but only from my iPhone4 to the same 8 addressees. The 8 addressees are not in my contact list but at some point in time, I sent an email to each one of them separately from my iPhone4 but not saved into my contact list.

Q1) How do I find the virus, and stop the sending of emails from my account? Help!

Q2) Is there any app out there that reliably finds/filters viruses from getting into my iPhone4?

2) How do I delete email folders that I setup early on when setting up my iPhone4 and my email? I haven't got a clue how to delete these now empty folders. Help!
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