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New iPhone 8 Schematics Emerge


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Jun 18, 2010
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New supposed iPhone 8 schematics appear online.JPG

AppleInsider reports today that new supposed schematics for the forthcoming iPhone 8 have emerged online. The new diagram, which first appeared on ifanr, is purported to show an iPhone 8 with a 5.7-inch diagonal screen with the whole screen usable. However, the article accompanying the schematics appears to contradict that information as it says that the screen is 5.5 inches.

The screen shown in the diagram has a 2.5mm bezel with the casing extending a further 1.5mm, making it not completely edge to edge. The schematics show the phone’s height to be 137.54mm.

As far as supporting other very recent rumours about the iPhone 8 is concerned, there is no sign of a Touch ID sensor on the rear of the phone, as was claimed last week.

The diagram also shows some interesting positioning for the sensors on the back of the phone, such as 3D camera, laser rangefinder, and an infrared transmitter and receiver.

Source: Alleged 'iPhone 8' diagrams show display dimensions, sensor array