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New iPhone 8 Schematics Show A 11 Chip


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Jun 18, 2010
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iPhone 8 schematics emerge.JPG

AppleInsider has posted what are said to be genuine schematics showing the internal layout of the forthcoming iPhone 8, which is referred to as “iPhone X” in the drawings. In the schematics, which first appeared on Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo, you can see the iPhone 8’s internal circuit board layout.

What these schematics reveal, if in fact genuine, is that not much has changed internally, although the position of some of the camera modules has moved due to the new vertical camera array.

The schematics also show the A11 CPU on what looks like a stacked motherboard. A removable SIM is also visible, rather than the rumoured Apple SIM. A Taptic Engine module, complete with 3D Touch spaces, is shown at the bottom of the phone, and looks to be bigger than similar circuitry in the current iPhone 7 range.

While certainly very interesting to study, there is no way of knowing how genuine these schematics are.

Source: Purported internal schematic of 'iPhone 8' shows 'A11' chip, removable SIM

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