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new iphone 4 owner


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Jun 30, 2010
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Another disappointed iPhone 4 owner.

I was very happy to receive my new iphone 4 last Thursday but am surprised at all the problems/issues that have already arose...

1 Signal problem (as everyone else)
2 Phone getting warm when charging/streaming radio online
3 At times will not connect to itunes/app store
4 Half of the time "my location" on maps shows wrong location (even if I'm outdoors with clear signal)
5 Today I saw this problem for the 1st time. When I was on Safari, the page would not flip no matter which way I turned it which caused me to restart the phone (the only way that seemed to correct the problem).

This is not what I expected from the new and improved iphone :(
sorry to hear that, i hope 40.0.1 will fix these issues for you, mine does get kinda hot as well but i dont mind.. the other issues either a bumper or hold differently apple says lol
I think appl are having a laugh telling people to hold the phone differently, they made a mistake, they should fix it, not tell us we are holding are phones wrong...
The only thing I noticed out of the list you posted is the part when your charging the phone it'll get warm. I have not had any of the others happen.

On the case side I heard apple is going to give free bumper cases out?
Sorry for u only problem I have on the list Is the reception issue but that only happens in low signal area.