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Question from new iPhone 4 user


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Aug 25, 2010
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Hi there I have just migrated from HTC android phone to the iPhone 4 and there are a couple of things I could on my HTC regarding e-mail/syncing that I can't seem to get to work on my iPhone, can anyone help?

Problems 1) I live in london and spend a lot of time on the tube where I did a lot of e-mails. With my HTC I could do the work underground on the tube with no signal and then when I surface and regained signal all the e-mails etc would be sent off. With my iPhone it won't do anything since there is no signal underground. How do I set my iPhone to do work when I have no signal and then transmit the work when signal is resumed.
2) For syncing between Pc and iPhone for diary if I enter anything on my desktop PC it sync's to my iPhone but if I enter a contact or diary event it doesn't sync to my PC. Any clues as to getting this to work.

Thanks for your help.

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