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New Game Zombie Archer out now


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Mar 24, 2011
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Hello everyone!

The New & Noteworthy Zombie Archer is now available on iTunes! It has received a 5/5 stars review from iViewApps.com. Check it out, everyone that plays it gets hooked :D

AppStore link

***SPECIAL introduction price $.99 for the first week!***

Oh No! A zombie army has captured the princess. Shoot, fire, and bomb your way down Creepy Cave Road to save the princess from the Zombie King in this addicting twist on the classic zombie genre. Play as a peaceful sherwood archer turned zombie slayer. Spend your bounty money on powerful upgrades such as explosive arrows and lay waste to the undead horde.

-Over 20 levels and 3 difficulty settings.

-Tons of upgrades you can use to stop the Zombie onslaught!

-Simple and very addicting game-play!

-Pull back and aim controls that are easy and amazingly accurate!

-Original handmade artwork and music.

-Core Animated graphics which allows for Fast App Switching. Pick up and play with no load time!

-High resolution retina graphics throughout entire game!

-Share exciting screenshots with your friends with built-in screenshot tool!

Bring out your inner child with multi-shot and exploding arrow upgrades.
Blast 5 arrows into a zombie's face, or light him on fire! It's very satisfying to destroy the relentlessly attacking zombies in all manners. You will love this game!


Thanks !

I used screen shot share to grab a photo of 6 arrows in midair, about to perforate these hapless fools. That made my day :)